Explained the evolution of female Masturbation in series

the Depiction of female Masturbation in the West series has evolved from the erotic scenes designed to arouse the audience, in ordinary and unremarkable episodes with the popularity of realistic serials, reliably transmitting of female sexuality. About it in the newspaper The Independent wrote film critic Lucy Jones.

According to the journalist, in 2020 still unusual to see scenes of female Masturbation, not designed to excite the audience an erotic interest in the character — such scenes are radical, despite the fact that regularly occur in the lives of most women.

Jones cited as example scenes from such series as “Run,” in which the heroine hastily masturbating in the toilet of the train, “Mean”, where the heroine is masturbating in bed beside a sleeping man in the video with Barack Obama, as well as remembered episodes of the show “Orange is the new black”, “Sex education”, “broad city” and “White crow”.

“This is a good phenomenon. Our society is still weirded out by the female body. Not only to Masturbation but to vaginas, menstruation, childbirth, menopause, hair on the body. Still it is felt that these aspects of life shameful and humiliating. And these ideas, of course, has seeped into our cultural life,” explained Jones.

In February 2019 was reported that Russian netizens were outraged by the fact that the picture about menstruation “Period. The end of the sentence” (Period. End of Sentence) received the “Oscar” in the nomination “Best documentary film”.