an international team of scientists intends to uncover the alleged grave of the national hero of Ireland, AOD of Road O’donnell (1572-1602) in the Spanish city of Valladolid, writes the Irish Times. In Dublin I hope that this will shed light on the fate of the famous fighter for the independence of the country.

As a representative of the noble family of Ireland, O’donnell has raised perhaps the most successful in the history of the emerald Isle revolt against the British. However, after a series of defeats he was forced to flee the Iberian Peninsula, to enlist the support of the Spanish king Philip III.

the Irishman died suddenly in the early XVII century under mysterious circumstances, relatively young – he was not yet 30 years old. The circumstances of his death more than four centuries remained unknown and has generated a lot of rumors about poisoning. According to some, he fell at the hands of planted London James Blake, nicknamed “the Spaniard” who accompanied him on the trip.

to put an end to this spy story will help the complex is judicial-medical examination, which could drag on for months. In particular, his remains will be examined on the content of toxic compounds.