Operators are preparing to revise tariffs. The market leaders have not yet announced it, but some players and analysts predict a growth rate of 5-15% in 2020.

the Increase in prices for mobile communications will happen due revenue drop in Telecom field, prices will rise at mobile operators, service providers, satellite operators. For Jan-APR of this year, revenue fell 2.6% to 116,4 billion. Such data leads Rosstat in its report on socio-economic situation in Russia from January to April.

the Growth of tariffs for communication services this year may reach 5-10% during the second half of the year, told “Izvestia” Director of development and product management operator Danycom Peter Kulikov.

There are prerequisites for the growth of tariffs for services of wire communication, said Director General of the Telecom company upholstered Andriy Huk.

Other operators while say strive to keep prices for their services due of the high competition and reduce the solvency of the population, according to Tele2, “Rostelecom”, “AKADO Telecom” and “Armatele”.

the Question of revision of tariffs for communication in the direction of increase is long overdue, says the head of trading operations on the Russian stock market “freedom Finance” George Vashchenko.