Is the continuation of the policy undertaken by the CEC transformation of the voting procedure. The vote in the next few days proved to be convenient for citizens, the experiments were considered successful, respectively, now this is implemented already in the Federal law that gives you the opportunity to do a so-called prolonged vote. That is, people will vote in the day when it is convenient.

traditionally, We are accustomed that we had only one day of voting, as a rule it was Sunday. Although this restriction obviously did not have the opportunity to vote those people who, for example, work day or are in a remote location and the operating mode can’t get to a polling station. When you give the opportunity to vote for three days, then the person has a choice.

I think that as a result of these amendments, a far greater number of citizens will exercise their constitutional right to elect a government.

– the Value of these amendments is enormous. Nationwide voting showed very clearly that, firstly, this mechanism allows the conditions of a pandemic to ensure maximum safety of life and health of Russians who come to the polling stations. On the other hand, it gives citizens the opportunity to choose a convenient time when he can perform his civic duty. This will allow in future to increase the turnout at the vote, to ensure the possibility of maximum number of people to take part in it. So, of course, thanks to these two components of the amendment will bear fruit.

From the perspective of the observer and the expert community, we support this practice. We repeatedly said that it applies at the international level and included in international standards. Observation community for its part is ready to work to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of all processes.

In my opinion, this is a fairly radical change in the approach of work of election commissions and the CEC in General. This, of course, a step towards the citizens who have so-called suffrage.

Multi-day voting for the Russians provides convenience, but in terms of the pandemic and even safety. Of course, this understanding of the experience that was obtained during voting on amendments to the Constitution, and public approval, which was received the procedure.

the Allegations by the opposition that it acts in the interests of power, in my opinion, is unfounded, because the institutions of surveillance and control are preserved and applicable in these circumstances.

– a New form of voting over several days showed that the citizens. According to opinion polls, more than half of the respondents considered such optionsversion vote useful. First, it reduces the load on the polls, and this is important during a pandemic. Secondly, it is convenient for the citizens, election processes become more comfortable and affordable. Multi-day voting must be secured by public control, observers in the regions already have the necessary experience.