Experts told how to implement artificial intelligence in the school

whether the students to master such a difficult subject? What programming languages should spend teaching children? And what exactly to teach them? About it “RG” asked the experts – leading universities (Project 5-100 participants).

Konstantin Vorontsov, head of laboratory of machine intelligence MIPT:

Photo: iStock the service will begin to use artificial intelligence in checking the exam

– you First need to determine what kind of object it is. The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a narrow professional discipline that requires training in mathematics and computer Sciences in higher school, and she’s certainly not in high school. The application of AI in different areas is another matter. It is an engineering discipline, in which you can collect the solutions of practical problems of ready “cubes”. Most of all it looks like a mug on robotics, of which there are already quite a lot. Students could participate in competitions for data analysis and to learn how in today’s world data is collected, what are the challenges open data, as they are used for automation. Today, data analysis can serve as a “point of entry” to almost any profession, allowing you to get to the bottom of solved tasks there, sitting at home or in the classroom for his laptop. This subject teaches the basics of an interdisciplinary approach, systems thinking and project activities. Quite a serious club for motivated guys who want to master modern popular profession. Should we introduce this subject AI for all? I sure didn’t. What really should be done is to update the existing school course of Informatics. There are too many abstract, outdated, impractical things, and a strong bias in programming need Daleto not all. You can do “Programming” and “AI” are two separate subjects in physics and mathematics classes. But in General a computer science course to include more practical examples about how data and information and how they work in different spheres of human activity, including with the use of AI.

Andrew Sozykin, Vice-rector for development of educational activities, Ural Federal University (Urfu, Ekaterinburg):

– In our experience projects of the Ural Federal University for students, young guys are very capable of creating artificial intelligence system with ready-made libraries of machine learning. For example, our members have created application with recognition of a person’s face, analyzing the social network, optimizing the energy consumption of industrial equipment based on data analysis.

a Database with examples of applications of artificial intelligence created in the capital of the

to provide training to the artificial intelligence, need first and foremost to include in the curriculum the study of programming languages, which developed artificial intelligence system. Now the most popular language for this purpose is Python. This is a fairly simple language, students quickly learn. The next step is the study of ready libraries for machine learning and their application to typical problems of artificial intelligence, primarily in computer vision and natural language processing.

the introduction in the school program for the study of artificial intelligence will increase the interest in other subjects. Students will understand that to recommend interesting film by using math operations with matrices. Because of this, mathematics ceases to be something abstract. One of the most popular methods of artificial intelligence – a deep neural network using an analogy with the neurons inside the brain. To better understand how they work, you need to study biology

Marina Bolsunovskaya, head llaboratories “Industrial systems stream data processing” Center of STI of SPbSPU:

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS In Russian schools will begin to study artificial intelligence

– Artificial intelligence opens new opportunities in all spheres of activities. Students will be able to get acquainted with important examples of the application of artificial intelligence learn how AI can free people from monotonous work, to help in decision-making, automate dangerous work and maintain communication between people. A very important field of study in schools is also gaining knowledge in the field of protection of interests of Russian citizens in the application of artificial intelligence, the creation of a legislative and ethical norms develop and how systems with artificial intelligence, and security technologies of artificial intelligence.

Our laboratory already has experience in the organization of lectures and development of teaching materials for students on artificial intelligence systems (Sirius, the Baltic scientific and engineering contest, Summer schools, development of teaching materials for WorldSkills, Polytech on the water). Importantly, the training in new technologies was a “fascinating journey” into the world of science.