Experts told about the growth in the number of deputies is able to be re elected to the Duma in 2021

MOSCOW, April 13. /TASS/. the Number of members who have a high probability of re-election to the state Duma elections in 2021, up January-March current year 56 people, up to 144.

It follows from the data of a rating “the Coefficient of utility of deputies of the state Duma,” based on the research of political scientists Dmitri Gusev and Alexey Martynov, which was presented Monday at the press-conference TASS.

“Comparing the figures of the eighth and ninth rankings, it’s safe to say that the experts are optimistic about the activity of deputies. So, for example, deputies, which, according to experts, there is a strong chance of re-election in 2021, became 56 more. Now in the green zone 144”, — stated in the materials.

the Experts were asked to rate on a scale chances of re-election of the current MPs if elections were held next Sunday.

“because of this surge of activity of deputies in the first place, of course, for amendments to the Constitution and the second in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus, a brightly expressed, and this green zone, where experts believe there are high chances of re-election has increased,” — said the expert.

the Rating was compiled according to the results of studies that were conducted from January to March, 2020, the previous rating was compiled according to the results Sep-Dec 2019. To calculate the final positions in the ranking uses four criteria: the results of the popular vote (the ability of the MP to mobilize supporters), index of the legislative activity of the Deputy, the index of media and the level of expert evaluation of the work of the Deputy in the region. The Chairman of the state Duma and leaders of parliamentary factions did not participate in the ranking, as they have “undeniable advantages in comparison with the rest of the deputies,” said the study’s authors.