Experts: the interception of telephone numbers can be a massive

Experts believe that Russia could erupt “epidemic” of telephone spam. The reason for this will be the technology of determining the numbers of users who access websites from mobile devices.

Services are, by definition, numbers are placed on the websites of the code, which is able to compute the phone number of the visitor of the page. Often such codes are, for example, are embedded on the websites of realtors, said RIA Novosti.

Marketers, getting a room, start calling the user. They believe that the target reference to the potential consumer who visits the site will be more effective.

the Interception of telephone numbers can be massive, experts warn. This technology violates two laws – “On advertising” and “On personal data”. The Russians, victim of the interception, rarely appeal to Roskomnadzor, FAS, and this contributes to the growth of illegal practice.