“In terms of a pandemic, a system for the protection of the rights of the insured to quality health care has shown its effectiveness. Managed, on the one hand, reorienting health facilities under the hospitalization of infected coronavirus infection, and with another – to maintain the necessary level of treatment planning for patients suffering from chronic non-communicable diseases,” said Igor Yurgens. – “However, the system protect the patient, of course, needs further improvement”.

In the BCC believe that the development of the system of protection of patients ‘ rights is closely linked to the transition to full insurance model. Under this reform, the insurer must be able to represent the interests of the insured in any region of the country. Throughout Russia must act in the General terms and conditions of medical assistance – uniform tariff policy, similar management practices, centralized information system. The insurance company must have a Federal (not regional) license.

the State integrated information system (GIIS), which is built now in the country, will allow to combine in a single unit of a regional database. “All participants in the system – the Ministry of health, the MHI funds, health insurance organizations, medical institutions should work in a single information loop,” said Vice-President of VSS Dmitry Kuznetsov.