Experts mark growth of sales of counterfeit perfumes on Valentine's Day

on the Eve of Valentine’s Day experts from Group-IB have discovered about 6,000 resources 3,000 accounts in social networks and 35 mobile applications created for trading in counterfeit perfumes. Experts warn that buying gifts in the Internet, users may face not only fake goods, but also fraud, whose purpose — the theft of payment card data.

Branded perfumes — toilet water, colognes and perfumes — remains one of the most popular and expected gifts for Valentine’s Day, traditionally celebrated on 14 February. Despite the fact that the market of cosmetics and perfumes in Russia, according to research firm GfK, fell two years in a row, online sales of beauty products, in contrast, grew by 23%-30% per year — this is now the fastest growing sales channel. Of course, the fraudsters could not miss the chance to make it.

the Collaboration of brands with beauty-bloggers toilet allows the giants to get coverage in social networks, comparable to the media — for the same reason, and attackers are actively exploring these channels. Experts have discovered about 3, 000 groups and accounts in social networks, where there is a brisk trade in counterfeit perfumes or perform dubious actions allegedly on behalf of well-known brands, the Total audience of these groups is more than 2 000 000 people, which represents a serious risk for the reputation of the perfume giants.

In 2019 on underground forums in DarkWeb were found more than 3600 messages announcements about the wholesale and retail sale of perfumery, or is existing criminal resources. Some sellers distribute the product on several forums. Also met the wholesale sale, the name of which is mentioned several brands. Another popular marketing channel — mobile app. In 2019 found 35 unofficial online stores, through which extends the perfumes. To attract the attention of the buyer.teley they can use one or more brands.

Experts estimate the potential damage 5 popular perfume giants from the sale of counterfeit goods on the Internet in 2019. Based on the average check for a toilet water popular brands (3 096 970 rubles to 9 rubles), traffic, conversion and other indicators of potential damage ranges from 3.7 to 22.5 billion for each brand that reaches in the amount of 64.8 billion. However, according to Euromonitor International, the volume of Russian market of perfumery and cosmetics is only 2% of world turnover of goods of cosmetics and perfumery.

Experts Brand Protection Group-IB warned that these fake stores can mislead buyers and partners to sell low-quality products, to infect smart phones or mobile Trojans to steal data Bank cards. Infected with Trojan mobile devices can transfer all data to the attacker open access to management applications and to steal personal user data.