Russia’s International reserves may exceed the historical maximum in 598,1 billion dollars in August. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the conducted survey of experts rating agencies.

According to experts, a record amount of reserves attributable to the rise in the Euro and gold prices. In June, the volume of reserves increased by 22.88 billion (four per cent) and reached 591,8 billion.

the Share of euros in the Russian reserves at the beginning of 2020 amounted to 30.8 percent, the dollar’s share is 24.5 per cent, and gold is 19.5 percent.

the Managing Director of the rating service NRA Sergei Grishunin, in turn, has forecast that the reserves already on 7 August, could reach the record of 2008, or even exceed it.

Earlier, the Deutsche Bank economists Peter Sidorov and Christian Rag stated that the liquid reserves of the national welfare Fund (NWF) of the Ministry of Finance can be exhausted in a little over two years. According to analysts, such a scenario is expected in that case, if all this time the Russian oil Urals will cost $ 15 per barrel. It is noted that in April 2020, the size of SWF amounted to about 120 billion dollars.