the Americans was afraid again. This time the edition We Are the Mighty wrote that Russia is again building up its armed forces, “sea monster” – the ekranoplan A-050, which combines the functions of the aircraft and ship. It is noted, however, that A-050 can take on Board up to hundreds of military with all the equipment or 9 tons of cargo. Speed hybrid monster up to 450 km per hour over the ice or smooth surface of the steppe. According We Are The Mighty, the wig will be adopted in 2020 and will be equipped with supersonic missiles like the Indo-Russian PJ-10 BrahMos.

Indeed, that Russia in the framework of the state program is developing promising ekranoplan with missile weapons on Board, in September 2018, mentioned the head of Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov. Since then, however, martial ekranoplan nothing was heard. For an explanation of “MK” turned to the experts, asking them to explain why so nervous Americans.

the Expert in the field of arms Oleg Teltonika:

-Why are the Americans so excited is understandable. There is no wonder there is a reference to Soviet “Caspian sea monster” or the rocket “LUN”. This was supposed to be the medium that will carry the containers with protivokashlevami missiles. This weapons system, similar to our cruisers of the project “Glory”, which the Americans have nicknamed “the killer of aircraft carriers”. In the “moon” was supposed to be the same missiles. And this, of course, with terrible force that frightened of our potential enemy.

On the subject of wig we had made and was flying a troop transport ekranoplan “Orlyonok”. But it’s online already written off – flew her. But the design Bureau was left, and it is now really pushing their new design.

at One time it was deprived of funding, but now again it KB drew attention, as the wig is such a kind of machine which can be used above water and above ground. It doesn’t require runways, and can be used when the roads, which is very important in the Russian context.

This is a machine which can fly at low altitude using ground effect. This effect can significantly increase the lift force, and thus increase the load capacity. The machine can go higher, but then it will fly like a plane, but of course with worse performance in speed, agility.

the Wig can sit on the water surface and move through it like a ship. The result is a hybrid of ship and aircraft.

For the plane is quite a heavy car. And from the point of view of the ship, there’s an extra function. The wig here is rather an intermediate position. But it is good for use in the Arctic, to wetlands, some remote places, where nothing else to��be collected.

There he will have a number of advantages. It is more cost-effective than a helicopter, has a larger flight radius. As you know, the helicopter is still very expensive, despite the fact that everywhere he sits.

as far As I know, the car in question is more of a delivery. But if you want, you can find weapons that can easily be installed on this machine.

Some details of the draft Russian ekranoplan “MK” said a member of the expert Council of the Public organization “Officers of Russia” captain 1st rank Vasily Dadykin:

-Simply amazed how rich inventions American colleagues. The fact that the “Caspian sea monster” was marred for a long time, including American spy satellites. It was the brainchild of designer Rostislav Alexeyev who was doing it in hard way.

the Winged technology – symbiosis of ship and aircraft. It moves at a height of 5-6 meters above sea level, making it completely independent, with decent speed. We have such machines were created. In particular, the whole unit transport and assault wig “Eaglet”.

These devices are stationed at Kaspiysk, therefore, the first apparatus and was nicknamed the “Caspian sea monster”. It is, however, the test results were lost. But the “Eaglet” actually participated in the exercises and took on Board more than 100 people. It was the largest at the time a ship with such a feature. And then there was created military ekranoplan “LUN”.

I served in the Caspian flotilla, and I happened to be in Kaspiysk, where there was a detachment of these ships. So “LUN” is precisely the continuation of the “Caspian monster” who felt himself a brilliant designer Rostislav Alekseev.

It was, and remains to this day a breakthrough technology. Of the machine and to greater heights to climb in the short term, overcoming even the mountains. He was carried on Board 6 supersonic cruise missiles “Mosquito” and actually carried out the triggers.

at First thought the winged aircraft. Then he decided that a naval vessel of the Navy. Even raised a flag over him Navy. Then he said that it is the brainchild of naval aviation. They began to manage marine pilots.

was Later prepared the second building of the same ship, with a displacement of 450 tons. The speed he was about 600 km per hour. But come 90-e years. Work was suspended. Then it was planned that this ship would become a rescue, but nothing happened.

Now again drew attention to this subject. This is very true, because it is our “know-how”. And this, which by displacement and many other parameters has no equal. Western engineers including Americans, these features did not come until now.

In my opinion, the ekranoplan is the presentpatelnie weapons. Of it be kept secret. I think that the shipbuilding program of the Navy until 2027 these wonderful hybrids of the ship and aircraft are not included. We are building submarines, frigates, corvettes, minesweepers… But the prospect of wig is. Maybe a troop transport variant may be in shock. But not now.

I Think the Americans, as they say, fear has big eyes. The only thing they can accept is that the time for this brainchild of the brilliant designer Rostislav Alexeyev will surely come.