Experts have called the Russian regions with the highest expected wage growth in 2020

Wages in Russia will grow in 2020 by 2.5%, with the greatest growth expected in the five regions — Tatarstan, Yakutia, Leningrad and Penza regions, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district noted in the review of the Financial University under the government of Russia.

the Forecast is based on data about the mood of the population in terms of consumption of goods and services, information collected in late 2019 — early 2020, and on the insights of mathematical modeling.

The highest wage growth is expected in Tatarstan (+ 3,4%), Yakutia and the Leningrad region (+ 3.2 percent), the survey notes.

In General, wage growth should exceed the figure 2019 (+ 2.4 percent), but revenue growth will be “negligible or even zero”, explain the experts.

meanwhile, wages in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous region and Penza region will grow in 2020 by 3%.

the least salary increases in Primorsky Krai (+ 1,4%), Novosibirsk region (+ 1,6%), Karelia Republic (+ 1.7 percent), Samara (+ 1.8%) and Sverdlovsk regions (+ 1,9%).

At the same time Russia expects another year of steady but slow economic development, experts concluded.