The opening of the Moscow restaurants after a pandemic has increased the attendance of the city’s shopping centres, while it remains almost a third less than last year, follows from the data of the Agency Watcom Group available to RNS.

Experts estimated the increased Shopping Indeх, which reflects the number of visitors of shopping centers per 1 thousand sq m of retail space.

According to this index in the first day of the restaurants, on Tuesday 23 June, attendance of shopping centers has turned out to be 28.6% lower than they were a year ago. Wednesday, June 24, attendance of shopping centers was lower by 23.4%.

At the same time, for example, a week before the open on Tuesday 16 Jun, attendance of shopping centers was less than last year by 30.8%. When shopping malls had just begun to fully open after the pandemic, attendance was 43.1% lower than a year ago.

Data were recorded at 150 shopping centres in Moscow.

Moscow cafes and restaurants has resumed on 23 June. All restaurants and cafes in the city were temporarily closed from 30 March to prevent the spread of coronavirus.