He made his Anger! SRG-Ombudsman Roger Blum (74) bugged on Twitter several times about complaints of the SRF audience, he had to talk because of you “plain text” or even the “yellow card”, referred to two of the beans Tander as “embarrassing”.

Blum is a “thin-skinned” and “unprofessional”

Simply: don’t mess Blum with such Twitter entries in the sound? However, communication experts. “He should argue factual and sovereign and no emotional verbal projectiles to fire”, to be horrified Beatrice Tschanz. The take him credibility and seriousness. “I would advise him to the foil instead of the Hammer.” Exactly the same Tschanz’ professional colleague Stefan Häseli judge. “From a Person in such an important and exposed function, I would expect even a tad more professionalism,” he criticizes. “Means: a factual assessment, and not thin-skinned-appearing reactions. This would significantly affect sovereign.”

SRG-Supervisory Board wishes objectivity

in the same Horn blows, the Supervisory Board of the office of the SRG. “Basically, a level of objectivity in the language is wrong never,” says Susanne Hasler, President of the public Council of German-speaking Switzerland, to VIEW. “This applies to the Ombudsman in the same way as for the beans Tander.”

And Blum? He defended his significant words on Twitter: “I take in it trenchant formulations from my own comment in the final report, in order to encourage the Twitter community to read the entire final report,” he says to VIEW. It would interfere especially hatred and abuse in the Writing of the beans Tander. For example, when someone call the journalists of SRF as a “criminal gang” or personally offensive. He read the Question and then the Levites. Blum: “The Ombudsman’s office is not a Anpiss corner.” (wyt)