small and medium-sized businesses operating in the fields of culture, sport, recreation and entertainment, in April—may compared to March reduced the cost of payment of staff salaries by 63%, according to the study Bank’s “Point” (there RBC), conducted on the basis of data on 300 thousand clients (the sample is not limited to companies operating only in the areas mentioned above).

40% reduced wages of its employees during this period small and medium-sized companies engaged in the field of education. The cost of the wage Fund of enterprises SMEs provide different kinds of services in April and may fell by 45%.

According to the Bank “Point”, while in April the salaries of employees declined in may, they have fallen further and in all industries. The fall may March was 18.9%.

against the background of the pandemic coronavirus in Russia from March 25 to may 12 was declared a period of nonworking days with pay. At the same time, in the fight against the spread of the disease, the authorities imposed a regime of isolation.

the Activities of many companies were suspended. In particular, temporarily closed fitness centers dentistry, non-food enterprises of trade and sphere of culture. The operation of construction objects in Moscow, was suspended for a month from 13 April to 12 may.

In April, the government approved the list of the most affected by the spread of coronavirus industries. It includes the areas of air and road transport, culture and leisure, sports, activities of travel agencies, hotel business, organization of additional education, catering and others. Later the list was expanded (for example, it includes the media).

small and medium-sized businesses operating in these industries, can require the creditor to change the terms of the loan. We are talking about the suspension of the execution by the borrower of its obligations for a period which he determines. You can contact no later than 30 September.

Subsequently, the Ministry of economic development proposed to add to this list of theaters and dental clinics. The Ministry said that companies and individual entrepreneurs operating in these areas are significant losses due suspend their activities due coronavirus. In particular, dentistry can make patients only for urgent assistance. In Moscow they were allowed to open only from June 16.