Experts-bombers began to release from the ice of the river

In the Chelyabinsk region, the military engineers of the Central military district began to work to undermine the ice to protect settlements from flooding.

we Started with Asha area with river SIM. The ice thickness in this area to 70 cm. The soldiers calculated the weight of charges and started the preparatory work. Only planning to use 500 kg of explosives.

the First explosions have already made, said the TV channel “Russia 24”. All the works in the Urals joined seven subversive groups — tens plus military equipment.

Flood prevention began in the Altai region. There is also in full swing of work on the erosion of the ice. The explosions carried out on the river Biya in Soltonskiy region of the province, near the village of Seidel. There are specialists “Altai-burst-prom” under control of the local administration.

Generally in the region counted about 25 dangerous sections on rivers, but the explosions of ice will hold just three of them. The fact that winter this year was relatively warm and ice thickness is not too thick. The destruction of the ice in these areas will not create congestion, which can lead to a flood.