It is Byggeindustriens online newspaper build.en who have talked with anleggsingeniørene Anders Beitnes and Trond Johansen.

The two were even with that fagspesialister in your expense analysis to one study in Jernbanedirektoratet. They react to the conclusion that the North of Norway the path is estimated to cost 113 to 120 billion.

Anleggsingeniør Anders Beitnes. Here pictured in connection with a previous case.

Photo: Ole Jørgen Found / NRK

They believe it is possible to get to a price of somewhere between 80 and 90 billion.

The investigations of this type should show, is the range of uncertainty in the real utbyggingskostnad, which has taken into account the actual conditions and probable optimizations, says the two to the building Industry.

They believe that the erfaringstallene be used to determine the price derived from the more densely populated and urban areas, which they believe will give an artificially high cost.

Better trail-optimizations and more realistic calculations of the tunnelpris believe they can make the price far lower.

Alternative solutions

in Several places along the two proposals that are outlined by the Jernbanedirektoratet goes the two traseene virtually in parallel.

It is one of several areas where you can save up from 40 billion.

– Several of the routes in both alternatives run almost in parallel. Then there had been easy to say that we have not two, but one option on these routes, ” says Trond Johansen to NRK.

So can the new North-Norgebanen be.

Photo: Jernbanedirektoratet

another challenge he points out, is the crossing of the Rombaksfjorden.

Here is pointing Johansen that it would have been better if they let up for a crossing at the Rombaksbrua, than a crossing that runs approximately parallel with the Hålogalandsbrua.

– A kind of jernbro is hardly any place in the world. We found that to cross by Rombaksbrua would be cheaper, in any case, not more expensive.

He also points out that one should have considered whether it is necessary to get the railroad all the way down to the centre of Tromsø.

– Strange that non of these measures are mentioned

If we had chosen to stop the track before the tromsøya island, he believes that the isolation will result in a savings of around 10 billion.

Nordlandsbanen was opened officially in 1962, and fills thus nearly 60 years.

Photo: Rune Fossum / NSB

all in All, he believes these savings have would have resulted in a price of somewhere between 80-90 billion.

these measures are not mentioned in the Jernbanedirektoratets assessment report we find a little strange, writing those two in a contribution to the Jernbanedirektoratet.

Johansen also points out that it is the renewal of the technology from year to year, and that too with new technology in relation to the tunnelboremaskiner will be able to further reduce the price.

– Here is the talk about enkeltsporstunneler. The way I see it, there are a number of routes you could have used to teknologipå, not least of which goes towards Hellemobotn.

– 120 billion is most likely

Jarle Vaage is the head of the Jernbanedirektoratet.

He says in this analysis has a standard deviation of 30 percent.

It allows for the fact that the price can vary both above and below the the agency has estimated.

Jarle Vaage is the head of the Jernbanedirektoratet.

Photo: Anne Cathrine Syversen / NRK

– When one estimates in a very early phase, counts not accurate volume of concrete, the number of bolts and the number of the master and so on. We believe that as of now the most likely cost 120 billion. It can be significantly cheaper, but also considerable more expensive, ” he says.

Jernbanedirektoratet have registered innspillet from the two anleggsingeniørene, but do not think their estimate is more likely than what they have proposed.

– We do not have actual figures today that say that you go way down in cost eventually, as the projects become more mature. It is rather the opposite. The project has many uncertainties in addition to the discussion around the tunnels.

the Next phase can give the change in the price

Still don’t see Vaage away from that they may have a good point, but it will not be able to find out before planning continues.

– It may be they are right, but we do not know until you are planning on. They point to some factors that is certainly relevant, but so are the other things it is a lot of uncertainty around.

– this is something significant for you?

– We stand by the analysis that is done. It must be added that we have no prestige around this, there is no point for us that this will cost 120 billion, we show a likely cost based on the experiences and sannsynlighetsvurderinger.

Soon shall Jernbanedirektoratet go ahead with a facility that will provide the opportunity to examine among other things the concept and alternative corridors.

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The two engineers believe they could save even more on adding route along the Rombaksbrua, rather than to have a crossing in parallel with the Hålogalandsbrua.