XI Jinping has promised to create a global humanitarian warehouse In the next two years affected by the pandemic, developing countries will receive from Beijing assistance in the amount of $2 billion, said Chinese President XI Jinping, speaking via videoconference at the opening of the 73rd annual session of the world health Assembly. Should I look for a “second bottom” in the plans of China to “lean” on other countries, says the expert.

According to XI Jinping, China intends to stimulate international cooperation in the fight against COVID-19. For this purpose, on the territory of the country and in close cooperation with the UN will create global humanitarian warehouse and logistics hub to supply anti-epidemic means. For their export can be arranged “green customs corridor”.

XI Jinping says that China is in the proper amount and without reserve told the world health organization (who) about the dissemination of coronavirus infections in the country.

meanwhile, back at the beginning of April Bloomberg, citing its sources reported that according to U.S. intelligence, Beijing underestimated data on the scale of the epidemic. Similar reports with reference to Western intelligence agencies appeared in the media and later.

Later the head of the White house Donald trump has accused the world health organization to engagement, in an apparent orientation to the interests of China, and that “for some reason” its policies are not consistent with the fact that the who is funded by the United States.

China has never accepted its responsibility in a pandemic will be the last to fend off any attacks. And in the history of the allocation of the $ 2 billion he just wants to behave like a great power, saying, we share your concerns, sympathize, and therefore provide help, says Professor, faculty of world economy and policy HSE Alexei Portansky.

In this case, Beijing can withstand the course which he announced in November 2012 at the 18th national Congress of the CPC, says the orientalist Yuri Tavrovsky.

According to him, we are talking about a concept called “Community of common destiny of mankind”, in line with the well-known program “One belt, one road”. Now in pandemic, all of this has acquired a special meaning. Since many countries do not have enough money to fight COVID-19, the Chinese developed the production of masks, equipment, tests, and so on. They genuinely offer a specific program on a global scale. Nothing bad in it, and to look for here is some secret intention – at least unwise. It is as if a beggar, receiving alms, say: “A piece of paper, then crumpled, and then erased”.