Sweden has faced a strong economic downturn and rising unemployment, which can develop into a powerful crisis. This writes Bloomberg.

“the unemployment rate in the country in April reached 7.9%, which was above forecasts. The major contribution to the deterioration in the country has made tourism and restaurants. And this situation may worsen, and the unemployment rate rise to 17% if in the near future will increase demand”, – quotes RIA Novosti analyst edition.

against this background, even greater discontent caused the intention of the authorities to pass a bill that will make it easier for the employer to fire employees. Sweden, which refused the introduction of stringent restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus, according to the experts has only one advantage – the economy here is not necessary to run it again.

According to the latest data, in Sweden registered more than 34 thousand cases of infection COVID-19. According to this indicator the country is ahead of their neighbors – Denmark, Norway and Finland.