Michael F.* (39) harassing women on the Internet (LOOK told). In the Region of Thun, BE it as a recruiter, and makes the job candidate inside an unsolicited relevant offers. The 23-year-old Noëmi B.* (23) showed him for sexual harassment – he wanted to pay his Dominatrix and her 200 Swiss francs per hour. Michael F. received a criminal command (buses: 1200 Swiss francs).

Only: He is with the mesh already longer on the road and the buses are probably not going to stop. More victims reported in VIEWS and reports: The 39-Year-old sends in a night sometimes up to 50 messages. The anxious question: Why does not stop the woman’s fright at last?

victims are urged to consider carefully whether you should go to the police

Natalie Schneiter is a social worker in the case of Stalking-consulting Bern. You know how difficult it is to make Tatpersonen thing: “Stalking is in a legal grey area.” Although there are acts which are illegal: “This threat, trespassing, or property damage.” In the case of pure telephone-Terror, everything was more difficult: “Here, you could go due to misuse of a telecommunications installation, or due to duress to the police. But it is an area where there is room for interpretation.”

gap in the law in terms of Stalking

The expert says: “Stalking is a gap in the law is in Switzerland. Pure Adjustment, for example, is not prohibited. From the victims point of view, an adaptation of the laws would be a relief.”

This is likely also the victim of would-see a mediator Michael F. so. Some victims describe that you have thought long and hard whether to even submit the ad. Out of fear, F. could find in the police files, then home addresses and other personal information. “Nevertheless, we motivate our clients to display to submit,” said Schneiter. Not always from rich to ignore the Stalker.

* names have been changed