Belarus took the tenth place in the list of countries on the spread of the coronavirus per million population. According to the Belarusian Ministry of health, today in the country identified 38956 infections COVID-19. Many residents can make a choice in favor of self-isolation, as the country’s leader Alexander Lukashenka says that he is under strong pressure because of the situation with coronavirus. He had previously refused to impose a quarantine on the territory of the state to prevent the collapse of the economy. However, even without the quarantine to avoid it failed. “MK” understood where Lukashenko started the “Swedish way”.

As stated by Lukashenka on may 25 at a meeting on socio-economic and political issues, the situation of coronavirus has not impacted on the economic development of the country. In his opinion, to blame the leaders of other countries that have succumbed to “hysteria” and closed their borders. And although he believes that by the end of 2020, the economy of Belarus will avoid recession, the world Bank forecast says otherwise. According to analysts ‘ estimates this year it will be reduced by 4%, which would be the largest decline in growth over the past 25 years.

Despite the fact that widespread quarantine in the country was introduced, many people decided to isolate themselves and as to translate their work on udalenku. Damages are shops, cafes, restaurants and gyms. The owners of catering establishments trying to create a safe environment: put tables wider, thereby reducing the number of seats. “People are trying not to leave the house. Some businesses have translated all the work udalenku. Others were sent on unpaid leave – orders-no. In the cafe you can see people, but many times less than it was before the plague. Gyms on the strength of two people: the coach and those who do not believe in coronavirus”, – told us the resident of Vitebsk Alexey.

on Saturday it became known that Hrodna died chief coroner region 51-year-old Mikhail Zubritsky. He had a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus. The day before he gave an interview to the local media about what is happening in hospitals. The conversation took place on April 15, then he reported that the Grodno medical examiner has not brought a single patient with COVID-19, the hospitals have all the necessary tools of protection. Belarus has not announced statistics of deaths from the coronavirus among medics, what causes some panic among the population. “Statistics are few who believe. If they at least said actual data, it would be clear how to behave and what action to take. It is this uncertainty brings most,” – shared with “MK” local resident.

Lukashenka Himself rather busy preparing for the presidential elections to be held on 9 August. The country has already started collecting signatures for nominatedproposal of candidates for the post of leader of the country.

the Situation was commented by the expert of the Center for political analysis and information security expert co-organizer of the initiative “Belarusian dialogue,” Dmitry Balkunets:

Lukashenka said at first that no coronavirus, called him “psycho” and changed the terminology. Perhaps his misinformed environment, telling the theory of global conspiracy, or he overcame the specific transmission. Anyway, the existence of the coronavirus he began to recognize only in the last month. The model that was chosen by Lukashenka – it is wrong against the citizens. The task of the state is to protect its citizens from the epidemic. He first set the economy.

At the same time this decision of Lukashenka did not win. Many have gone into isolation. Parents do not let their children to school, for fear of infection. In Minsk 40% of children were homeschooled. People began to feel some responsibility to monitor their health, when they began to hurt their friends. Today cases there are in each district center and many in serious condition. All these problems are already impossible to hide in the country.

All of this seriously undermined the reputation of Lukashenko. People on the streets are lining up to give their signature for any alternative candidate. This is all very concerned about the Belarusian authorities, which will make the effort to save the situation from disaster on election day, 9 August. This situation is reminiscent of what happened in 1994, when distrust of Vyacheslav Kebich has grown to such proportions that the elections were won by Lukashenko. Also, now suddenly appeared two candidates Babaryka and Tsepkalo, who will be able to compete with him. However, the main rival in the upcoming elections for Lukashenko to be the coronavirus.