Since this year’s Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans was at its highest at the end of February, there was no one who could have foreseen how prophetic the photograph of the young man in face mask, corona protective clothing and the ominous hypodermic syringe in his hand would look in history’s rear view mirror.

With a daily increase in the coronatilfælde on 65 percent of the u.s. sydstatsby well on its way to become AMERICA’s newest coronavirus-‘hot spot’.

And today, Dr Rebekah Gee, who is the head of the pathological department at Louisiana State University, it all started to this year’s Mardi Gras celebration – one of the largest street parties in the world.

“Mardi Gras is like the perfect storm for coronaspredning. We share the great procession that runs through the streets. We throw pearl necklaces to each other. All touch all. People share the glass with alcohol. All dancing, singing and sweating up and down each other. And when coronasmitten already then was in the air, was diffused with lightning speed,” says Dr. Rebekah Gee to the local newspaper The Times-Picayune, published since 1837.

For daily living that good 390,000 in New Orleans. In connection with this year’s Mardi Gras celebration in late February, the population increased by about 12 million people.

According to the state of Louisiana’s governor, John Bel Edwards came this year’s Mardi Gras participants from no fewer than 125 to 130 different countries.

And after three days of intense party, put all these tired guests sit again on board their aircraft and returned to their homes spread across the globe.

“Not only arrived, many of the tourists probably with the infection. They took it home. And exactly 13 days after the peak ‘Fat Tuesday’ (25. February, red.) tested our first citizen in New Orleans positive for the corona,” says governor John Bel Edwards in an interview with The Times-Picayune.

In the course of the past four days is the number of coronatilfælde in New Orleans, which already has 70 percent of the state total number of infected has increased by 65 percent daily.

It provides the city with the nickname ‘The Big Easy’ a boring world record in the ‘day to day’ the rise of the coronatilfælde.

In total, the Louisiana, according to CNN the 1,900 confirmed cases of the COVID-19.

A huge number in a state with only four million inhabitants. For comparison, the state of Texas with a population of 30 million only 826 confirmed COVID-19-cases with 67 deaths.

today, New Orleans is deserted.

And in the streets, there for less than a month ago swarmed with festive tourists from all over the world, is empty. And governor John Bel Edwards, who predicts that all the hospital beds will be filled 4. april, has declared emergency with the prohibition against any ‘unnecessary output’.

across the UNITED states has 80,000 citizens tested positive for the coronavirussen.

And 1.123 are dead as a result of the disease.