the Sport is quiet, and it can have consequences for many riders, fear Chris Anker Sørensen.

the Sport is just like the majority of the sports world still because of coronaviruses. It means lost revenue for many teams, and it may ultimately have consequences for the part of the riders.

The fear in each case, the former rider and current TV2-expert Chris Anker Sørensen.

– I think many potential sponsors applauding the box in because of this situation, says Chris Anker Sørensen to TV2 Sport.

– I fear that there are some good riders, who all of a sudden can’t get a contract.

the Sport is in no way a yields a profit for the owners, most of whom are deeply dependent on sponsorindtægterne.

Therefore, it should not disappear right many sponsors before it can have consequences for the riders.

– If the four teams say they in order to survive have to take five man away, it is already 20 riders. And if there are a few teams that close, smoking there are 20 more per team. Suddenly 60 riders without a contract, says Chris Anker Sørensen.

Right now run there is no cycling, and The International Cykelunion (UCI) has provisionally suspended all bicycle racing until 3. april. And as it looks now worldwide with coronavirus, is there enough good chances, that it be extended.

the Start of this year’s Giro d’italia, which was to begin 9. may in Budapest, is already postponed for an indefinite time, like all the spring cycling classics is cancelled.