Eli Simic (30) would like to start a new life. After the birth of her daughter Mia, the Ex wants to go-Bachelorette now, after six months back to work. Your Job as a Quick-Change artist has hung but on the nail, as you told the “Schweizer illustrierte”. Instead, Simic wants to free in the future, patients in pain: “I graduated in the last-time courses and courses in Reiki-therapist and want to offer ourselves in the future Reiki sessions.”

Reiki is an esoteric healing technique from Japan, according to which it operates through his hands, energy healing. By the heat you give to the patients, could influence the chakras, the inner energy flows. In the case of Simic himself, the alternative medicine would have to beat immediately, the sessions with a Reiki therapist from Belgrade had helped her enormously: “that’s Exactly what I want to now give more to other people.” As you told, it is more evidence of your healing Talent: “As Mia had colic and was restless, I was able to help her. And when my sister was suffering from pain at a scar, I was able to help thanks to Reiki, also to a clear improvement.” For the promise of a cure not to have to leave the house again: “I can even do remote treatments on the phone.”

Doctors remain skeptical

Marco Tackenberg of the medical society of the Canton of Bern can’t believe it really. “We are committed to therapies, which bring the patients to Use, scientifically sound and in accordance with the law on health insurance can be billed,” says the press Secretary to VIEW. “This is not the case of Reiki.”

Simic even respond to such statements but left. Thanks to Reiki, you have to be able to overcome their panic disorders by long-distance healing. “Critics are always there, but it must say Yes for all votes”, on request. “It helped me and still helps. This is the Only thing that matters.” She is determined to try it now as a therapist: 45 minutes of Reiki-cost of Ex-Bachelorette 96 Swiss francs. (klm)