more and more often, the coronacijfers from different countries next to each other. According to table since this past weekend, on social media and WhatsApp to spread, we will eventually be possible, as it is in Italy, with hundreds of fatalities and thousands and thousands of confirmed infections as per day. However, these figures are not comparable with, say the experts, in a conversation with

In the table, the round, walk over to the Netherlands and Italy in terms of number of deaths quite similar. Italy, on 29 February, 29 people had, had been published in the Netherlands on the 24th.

Four days later he was in Italy, at 107 deaths, and the Netherlands at 106, a minimal difference. The netherlands, according to reports, two weeks ‘behind the curve’ in Italy, and so over the next few weeks hundreds of deaths and thousands of infections per day have to be ruined.

At first glance, it seems to be a similar pattern to his. However, the comparison with Italy is ‘completely wrong’, said Harald Wychgel from the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM). “Each country has its own way of testing, which are the figures of any country is to compare it to.”

as In other countries, it is more testing < / p> Wychgel explains that it is not everyone who may be infected is to be tested. “We’re testing mainly of patients who are so ill that they have to be hospitalized. In other countries, to test them, so the number of confirmed infections, there is a great deal higher.”

An obvious example of this is in Germany. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the German institute for public health in the country every week to 160,000 people have been tested. That’s more people than any other country in the past few months have been investigated.

People with mild symptoms, there are, in Germany, before complaining to stop. This means that there are fewer infected people do not know that they are infected with the virus.