It is a tradition and an important respite from everyday life for families across the country.

Yes, the annual summer vacation trip to Crete, Mallorca or a third destination with a hot climate is something you are looking forward to in the second, one puts his feet on Danish soil again.

But we must wave goodbye to the dream this year?

Before we answer that question, we the binoculars against our Norwegian friends.

Here, health – and omsorgsminister, Bent Noted, namely, on Monday recommended the norwegians to plan their sommerferieplaner in their home country.

In other words: you must not reckon with the fact that you can get to travel abroad during the summer.

And then of course it is there, that the issue persists for you:

What about in Denmark?

the Issue would B. T. preferably ask for Mette Frederiksen and the rest of the government, but has already made clear that the reopening of the society are taken in ‘waves’, and you will not present the full plan is provisional.

instead, we have asked Hans Jørn Kolmos, professor of microbiology at the University of Southern denmark, give his views on whether we are in the course of the summer will be allowed to cross the border heading for the beaches and swimming pools to the south.

And he may disappoint you, if you still believe and hope that a charterrejse can save the summer, is already being different than usual.

“I wouldn’t buy a journey. We must be entirely realistic set us on, that it becomes a hjemmesommer,” says Hans Jørn Kolmos and continues:

“We live in an international world, and of course we are going to travel again, but you can probably count on that next summer vacation to the south are going to be in 2021.”

Hans Jørn Kolmos stresses that of course you can’t know how the epidemic is evolving in denmark in the next months, and how ‘our baskets’ is going to look like.

But there are also many other things that do not beslægter directly to coronavirussen.

“There are many factors. It is, of course, on whether the government allows it, but what with the supply of travel? How many airlines are left? And what about the other countries ‘ borders?,” he says.

And so we have not touched on the economic aspect.

The question is whether it is in Denmark’s interest that we throw lots of our money in Spain, Thailand and other exotic destinations, when the economy at home is on its knees.

“And then there may also be something with the economy. If you want to walk in the wheels, it may be that you will have supported business and tourism in denmark, and the danes hold the summer vacation at home,” he says.

this will be the case, for it is only a qualified guess from Hans Jørn Kolmos’ side, so that he sees also a positive thing in it.

“So it may also be that we are rediscovering the places in Denmark, which we almost have forgotten. We have a bit of a tendency to go to Thailand or to the South instead of to enjoy our beautiful countryside,” he stresses.