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Liv Marit Thunes is shopping at Rema 1000. She is like many norwegians are aware of care when she is outdoors.

I’m out for the first time in two weeks. I have with the liquor in your bag and checks up to make sure no one comes too close to me, ” she says.

Thune reacts in a rational way under the current smitteverntiltak. But for some it can koronaepidemien lead to developing obsessions.

Bjarne Hansen, a professor of psychology at the University of Bergen, fear there will come a wave of people who develop obsessive-compulsive disorder because of koronaepidemien.

It is in line with what we have seen during previous epidemics. You get a certain resurgence of the obsession that goes on cleanliness and infection, ” says Hansen.

REMINDERS: People are asked to keep a good distance from each other in nature, in stores and on the collective transport. It can be difficult for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder to ignore these under such reminders.

Photo: Synnøve sundby’s time Fallmyr / NRK More calling helpline

Sidsel Myhr, vice-president of the Norwegian association for OCD, Ananke, says that 70 per cent more calling hjelpetelefonene their after the crisis broke out.

She says that obsessive-compulsive disorder are genetic and personlighetspreget. There must lie latent in a person that one can be able to develop obsessions under koronaepidemien, according to Myhr. Also, Hansen says that the crisis may be one of several factors that trigger obsessions.

Myhr says many who already are sick, are now experiencing a recurrence.

For many of our members with obsessive-compulsive disorder related to smittefrykt and cleanliness, is koronaepidemien the worst that could happen. They are in a difficult situation, ” says Myhr.

Several of these have been in treatment for obsessions with cleanliness and smittefrykt to do. Many have been through a ekspressbehandling in four days.

A part of the treatment is exposure, for example by washing hands less.

the Treatment may be experienced as paradoxical as long as the entire population are asked to wash and sprite hands extra much.

Now they are constantly reminded to wash themselves and be careful with infection. When they can no longer to expose themselves, ” said Myhr.

NRK explains the Four signs that you may have an obsessive compulsive disorder for answer 1. Suffer you of it constantly popping up unpleasant thoughts?

This can be the idea that you can be struck by a serious illness, that you have forgotten something important like turning off the hob, that someone you care about could be affected by the accident, or that you can get to perform actions you do not want to perform.

2. This is the thoughts you experience as meaningless or greatly exaggerated?

Is it that the mind is experienced as meaningless, you can still synesat it’s hard to beat the from you. The reason may be that you think that there is a chance that it may come to happen if you ikkegjør something to prevent it.

3. You must do certain actions?

You oppleverat for example, you must wash you excessive or arrange things in a certain way.

You try to push away the unpleasant thoughts,or trying to make sure that you get thoughts about not going to happen.

4. Occupies the mind so much time that it is bothersome?

You use more than one hour each day on the thoughts and actions, or it pops up so often that it is annoying and prevents you from living the way you wish.

What if you have obsessions?

Pop the unpleasant thoughts from time to time, without that it poses significant discomfort or interfering with your life, this is completely normal.

What if your mind and the actions that characterize everyday life?

Tormented you so myeat it goes beyond your everyday life, should dutakontakt with your gp. In case of suspected obsessive compulsive disorder there should be a low threshold for referral to an OCD-team, who have specialist expertise.There are very good treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder, and most people will through this experience significant improvement.

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– Said they need new treatment

She says that some says that they feel the treatment they have been through now is a waste.

Myhr tells, however, that it is possible to take advantage of the smitteverntiltakene.

– Many people with obsessive-compulsive disorder counter. Now we can tell them that it is enough to count to 20, so the authorities say. For someone standing in the shower in eleven hours, the 20 seconds is very short, ” she says.

– do Not let the emotions determine the

CURE obsessive-compulsive disorder: Bjarne Hansen leads a OCD-team at Haukeland universitetssjukehus, as couriers tvangshandling.

Photo: Håvard Kallestad

Hansen says that it is important not to let the emotions take the upper hand for those who feel that tvangslidelsene comes creeping on.

the Problem is if you go in to control for any unrest. Then you run the risk of getting an insanely huge project. You will always run the risk that you will upset you over something more. If you are going to react to it each time, you can get into a pattern where your actions forces of unrest, and turmoil forces actions, ” says Hansen.

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