Elections will be held in four federal states in 2023. The first election will start as early as February: In Berlin, the House of Representatives and the district assemblies will be re-elected. FOCUS Online offers you an overview of the election dates.

In 2023 there will be elections in Berlin, Bremen, Bavaria and Hesse. In addition to state elections in Bavaria and Hesse, the House of Representatives is re-elected in Berlin and the Bremen Parliament in Bremen.

The elections to the Berlin House of Representatives took place in September 2021. However, the Berlin Constitutional Court declared this invalid due to numerous shortcomings in the implementation. The reason for the repetition were many complaints and objections due to long queues with hours of waiting, too few ballot boxes and missing or incorrect ballot papers.

As a result of the chaotic elections, the Berlin constitutional court decided not to hold a new election, but to repeat the election.