Expectations from the upcoming matches in the national championship with “RG” said the former midfielder of the national team of Russia, “Spartak” and “salty”, the double champion of the USSR, winner of the national cups of France and Portugal, one of the best players in the history of our country, Alexander Mostovoy.

Missed our football?

Alexander Road: You could say that. At first, many actually thought that the season may not resume. Then, when some countries began to emerge from quarantine, there is hope. The Germans are great, of course. At least some football there. Although, of course, football without spectators is a little bit wrong. And even when you hear all the talk on the field…Well, we don’t understand the language. But imagine what would happen in the Premier League. All will hear the Mat-peremat (laughs).

There are those who believe the restart of the season wrong decision. You with this opinion goes, right?

Alexander Road: disagree. Heard some complain that after this season there will be no time to prepare for the next. But in the championship too many pauses. Winter rest 2.5 months and in the summer of 1.5. Four months in the year in which the championship is such a break? Remains now only eight rounds. You can safely play them in three weeks.

You said about the German championship. As you there level of football?

Alexander Road: a week before the resumption of the Bundesliga I was invited to be on television. And then said: guys, don’t be surprised if there is a lot of sensationalism. Still unclear, however, who is in good shape. And so it happened. Bayer wins in two matches in a row and then lose at home to Wolfsburg 1:4. Schalke no points scored. Only Bayern Munich and Borussia kept the brand. I even read somewhere that there are statistics, according to which the owners have less to win. Something like this could happen to us. I think unexpected results in the Premier League will be. Still, it’s one thing when you get sick, tens of thousands, and quite another 100-200 people.

For matches in Russia until the end of the season will be allowed 10 per cent of the audience. Is this correct?

Alexander Road: Who wants to – let him go to the stadium. Anyway, these people will be sitting far away from each other. Maybe I should have done in Denmark, where fans were worried about her through the video feed. But such issues are not for us to decide.

we Can say that the struggle for gold not to be?

Alexander Road: a lead of nine points over eight rounds before the end is serious. I would say that “Zenit” 80 percent already the champion. And calendar relatively easy. There, in my opinion, of the competitors only with the “Krasnodar” game. So here is more or less clear.

the Decision to extend the contract with Sergey ��the emak correct? In the European Cup-that success is not.

Alexander Road: And one of our trainers was the last time something showed in the European Cup? In 2011, CSKA reached the knock-out stages of the Champions League with Bordeaux, and everything. What does this mean? It is time we had a little bit to come down from heaven to earth. We have a mediocre level League, the most players are the same. Who knows, maybe now we will understand it. Money will be the smaller clubs will think before spending millions on beginners. On the head, this whole situation with coronavirus swiped.

Your ex “Spartacus” can be for something to qualify this season in the Premier League? Or is it better to focus on the Cup?

Alexander Road: In the season only eight games. I don’t think Spartak will relax. Yes and why is that? In the Premier League everything is so unpredictable. So we must fight. Including the Cup of Russia.

a Lot of talk around Alexander Sobolev. It is suitable for “Spartak”?

Alexander Road: it’s hard to judge, because I only see him from the side. The fact that he has not scored yet a single goal – nothing says. We came out and scored, everyone was cheering, but then something happened. Sobolev, of course, right that’s left in “Spartacus”. Who of this option refuses? If Spartak are now offered me a contract, I would have agreed.

One of the biggest stories of the last days – the conflict Ayaz Guliyev and the coaching staff of “Spartak”. The decision on the transfer of the player to the second team correct?

Alexander Road: Before they called me for comment on this situation, I even forgot that Guliyev in “Spartacus”. If I am not mistaken, Tedesco when he played 11 minutes or something like that. So it’s not a loss by far. In the team and enough players. Plus many now will be returned from lease. The same Tashaev, for example. A number of Spartak will have no problems. Another question is in what form will be the players.

who has the best chance to take second place and get a direct ticket to the Champions League?

Alexander Road: I would say that “Krasnodar”, but they Ari got injured. On the other hand, will return Klasson, Gazinskaya. “Krasnodar” “the locomotive” “Rostov”, CSKA – these teams will be competing for silver.