I’ll pull up the human chest to me, dive under the ribcage all the way through until I see the heart right in front of me. How to do this? With the help of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses that I wear. Through you I see a thorax with organs in 3D in front of me. With a controller, which I think is like a remote control in Hand, I can rotate the Torso in all directions, and contact. Also so that I can see from the heart in the main artery. Its sheer Size surprised me: she is as thick as the spine, the thought of all that blood scared me.

These VR glasses surgeons use the image view data of your patients before an Operation in 3D. So you can plan complicated procedures faster and better.

Now patients can try out the glasses: Of 27. April until 1. In June, the exhibition “Moving insights. Medicine in the fourth Dimension” in the Museum of pharmacy in Basel the current research projects of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Basel. Its Director, Philippe Cattin and his Team have developed the world’s unique VR-glasses. Surgeons at the University hospitals in Basel and Geneva can already be used in operations, mainly in the case of life-threatening vascular extensions of the brain.

, instead of to Explain

In the exhibition, there are basically little Text and explanation, all the more Experience and touch. “It is designed for young people from twelve years up to the matura age,” says curator Reinhard Wendler. “The most Important thing is the Fun is.” If you want to know more about QR-Codes and Links information leading to the Depths of the research projects.

Fun to the exhibition: hands-on research. And sometimes you even get the feeling, to be touched – for example, if you hold your Hand over a new type of ultrasound device. At the tips of your fingers, it tickles, you can feel the ultrasound as a gentle pressure on the palm of your hand.

ultrasound cancer treatment

Behind the device, a method for cancer therapy, the tumors with the aid of ultrasound, so to speak, broken to be cooked. This is useful if you cannot be surgically or irradiated away, because they are vessels to be close to blood, or to lie deeply in the tissues.

is destroyed So that no healthy tissue, the ultrasound to the Tumor with pinpoint accuracy. The ulcer but with breathing, which is why the sound waves also need to move. To solve this Problem, Philippe Cattin and his Team developed a mathematical model of the respiratory motion for each patient individually. At the Moment, the researchers check the reliability of the method, only then Doctors will be able to use it.

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