Yes, there goht guat. I han Yes emol z Hinwil and z Aadorf gschaffet. (laughs) Well, well, after a day of Practice to go. I am a Switzerland Fan! I’m often here, about to go skiing.

! The volume of space six, the share of Mercedes sales to Canada, Australia and the Middle East. And there’s certainly still potential.

A good question and an important discussion. I don’t think it hurts. A Mercedes is not per se exclusive, Mercedes-AMG even more exclusive. As long as in any car, our DNA is, it stays exclusive. I don’t want a pure high-end, but approachable Performance brand. The more “playful” positioned in A 35 about reaching new audiences, which can fit in just fine to us. the

The AMG-Line is well-established and extremely in good demand. Clearly there are at the model range limits: B-35, or X 63. But, we the future differentiate itself even more clearly what a “real” AMGs are.

no way! Mercedes safety, reliability, highest quality standards and AMG emotionality, racing and Performance. This combination is inseparable.

This mentality is in our DNA: We come from the world of Motorsport, this is team work, creativity and maximum performance. We do a lot of, this self-understanding, to preserve this Spirit, and are all, for example, by You.

no. The Diesel in Europe was very successful, but the future in the Performance Segment in the electrified gasoline engine.

one Speaks of 48 volts, everything from 2020, electrified. But we develop our own Performance-Hybrid. We bring in the ‘ 63-Segment Hybrid – front petrol, rear electric as well as a separate battery, the power really to settle.

Not at all. I am sure that we will take the greatest part of the customers in the future. We are in constant exchange with our customers, and such a vehicle will be without compromise, a true AMG. So we are talking in total, the eight-cylinder of significantly more horsepower than the current 63.

the drive of The SLS Electric Drive, with which it all began, and is copied today diligently. We see for the AMG models in electrified powertrains of the future. From 2020 onwards we will go the way of hybridization.

Sound is a huge issue! To copy the Sound of a combustion engine to an electrified vehicle, that would be platt. We have a very innovative Team in Affalterbach on the topic of Future Sound and work together even with gamers, and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. It may be cool to drive, very quietly, but we are all “socialized” from the burners. You have to transport Performance acoustically, you end up always in the case of low-frequency Sound.

When I became CEO, I thought we were ripe for super athletes. But our customers were there! For me it was clear: If we put on a Hypercar, then it must be an absolutely innovative concept: F1 engine, F1-battery with quadruplicated capacity, E-Turbo for Recuperation. This fields of learning and technical Know-how that is incorporated into the development of future models for us. Such a project has very huge potential for innovation.

The twelve-cylinder will be phased out at AMG. We are going to build the engine but for other group brands. AMG will go with the hybridization of the top in the future a different way.

Absolutely! For formula 1 I can say nothing, but customer sports is incredibly important for Mercedes-AMG and is the customer loyalty. In GT4, we are the market leader, 2018, we were very successful in the GT3 as GT4 Motorsport.

But Yes! I hope I’m not acting, as the changes would have. (laughs) to tracks in the Morning’s testing in Spain.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. (laughs) no, because you have to wait, unfortunately, a little bit. The Facelift of the GLC is in Geneva, a theme, a GT-R variant – and the Rest we see at the Lac Léman.

Tobias Moers (52) comes from Freiburg in Breisgau (D), is a graduate industrial engineer and father of two children. According to the entry at AMG in 1994, he was in 2002, head of development, and in 2013 Chairman of the management Board, i.e. the CEO. Today’s Mercedes-AMG GmbH in Affalterbach (Germany) was founded in 1967 as AMG, and the long Mercedes in-house tuner was before the C came 36 AMG in 1993 as the first “official” AMG-Mercedes. Since 1999, AMG is part of Daimler and is a stand-alone sports brand. Completely stand-alone models are One and the AMG GT (coupe, Roadster and the new four-door). Of the Mercedes vehicles, there is usually an entry – level, and a “Performance”model, i.e. the E-class, E 53 and E 63. In Switzerland, the types of GLC 43, GLC 63 and C 43 were of 2018, 3772 sold AMGs, the most popular.