Exclusive interview aboard the

a Unique opportunity to come into direct contact with one of the 24 Russians in the “infected” coronavirus liner, appeared in the leading program “60 minutes.” Live release Arkady Bulatov told in detail about the situation on the ship.

“luckily we are not among the sick, great feel and stay in a good mood,” said Arkady.

He noted that on the ship all cabins are isolated. Passengers to get out of them is strictly prohibited. “We have a balcony, to breathe fresh air. Such a possibility is not all, many cabins without balcony and without Windows. They were allowed to walk on the top deck in small groups,” — said the Russian.

Bulatov recalled that on 5 February, the ship’s captain announced the beginning of a 14-day quarantine, which the Japanese government was not allowed to moor to the shore. However, a day later, the vessel managed to enter the port and to food and water. “So the first time had some shortages of food and water. But now everything is in order,” he said.

Also Arkady said that at the moment, on the liner the total number infected with coronavirus is 61 people. Just in the last day from the ship took 41 passengers. This is mainly elderly people with weak immune systems.

Bulatov drew attention to the fact that the entire staff of the liner works in masks and rubber gloves. And today each passenger, in addition to the masks, they were issued thermometers and disposable gloves.

Arkady said that all Russian tourists trapped on a quarantine ship, are constantly in touch with the Russian Embassy in Japan. Diplomats help to solve all questions, including replacement of flights and rebook hotels.

the Cruise liner Diamond Princess, on Board of which almost 4 thousand people from 50 countries, is on a two-week quarantine off the coast of Japan. The decision was prinyato after 80-year-old Chinese passenger, 20 Jan travelled on this ship from Yokohama, and came down on January 25 in Hong Kong, a week was identified strain of coronavirus. At the moment, the number of infected people on Board is 61. According to reports, among the newly identified infected persons of citizens of Russia.