The party change of the national Council of Daniel Frei (40) of the SP to the GLP has been known for the social Democrats are much more far reaching consequences than in the past: The Enjoyed lose just in the Social and health policy is massively powerful.

so Far, sass-Free in the safety Commission. This seat he will retain, even with the change of parties. The SP hurts not that much, because here, liberal there are between the politics of the Left and the green hardly any differences. It looks totally different in the Social and health policy. A special constellation ensures that due Freis party exchange, the GLP comes on two seats in the relevant body – at the expense of the Enjoyed, the lose one.

success of the SP hurt her now

The Paradox To this Situation, ironically, led to a success of the SP. Your national councillor Rebecca Ruiz (37) has been elected to the Vaud cantonal government. By the end of March, Ruiz retired from the national Council. Your seat in the Social and health Commission (SBC) was orphaned.

With the substitution of a party, Daniel Freis have seats, the social Democrats now claim to less Commission. The office of the national Council, therefore, has this morning to the empty seat in the Social and health Commission to be awarded officially to the green liberals. The office consists of the national Council Bureau, the political group leaders and the vote counters.

SP-group President, Roger Nordmann (46) confirmed on request, the seat loss: “This hurts. With the additional SGK-seat of the GLP, the Bourgeois have now definitely in the majority in social and health policy issues.”

“strengthening of the green asocial”

You must run the once before your eyes, so Nordmann: “98 percent of Freis voters, supporters of the social Democrats. You have a of their wish in the Federal Council. Of me, from a social-liberal SPler. You will have the strengthening of the green asocial”, rants to himself. In social issues, the GLP would be even far to the right of the free-minded.

Actually, the GLP in the health and social issues, in many points, has a decidedly different attitude than the one Enjoyed: The green-liberals want to, for example, increase the Minimum deductible of the health insurance Fund from 300 to 500 francs. The GLP will also bind the Insured for three years to a health insurance – for the SP, the “gag contracts”. According to the green-liberals want to participate in the Federal government, less the premium reduction, and it is to be introduced, it is, according to them, a practice fee of 50 Swiss francs for the hospital emergency Department.

voters should about fraud

decide The GLP does not want to increase only the woman’s pension age to 65 years, but also the pension is aiming to age 67, which wanted to promote the Left with the choice of Freis also hardly. In addition, the green liberals want to have the AHV-children’s pensions may be abolished, so the payments for pensioners who have dependent children. And also in the case of the widow’s pensions, the party wants to make the cuts.

On the question of whether Free in the face of such attitudes of its voters in Zurich have cheated, soaked for a group chief Nordmann: “His voters can decide for themselves whether they appreciate Freis 180-degree turn or not.”

Neo-GLPlerinnen see in the new party-career opportunities

many Enjoyed the disappointment on Freis party exchange is large. Finally, he was not only a long-standing member of the party, but presided once the SP of the Canton of Zurich. Only last December he was indented for Chantal Galladé (46) in the national Council followed. And at the end of may, he returned together with his life partner, certain day, Claudia Wyssen, the SP has done the back – like the previously Galladé.

Galladé how Wyssen is said, they hoped for at the GLP greater career opportunities than is the case with the SP. Free, however, will not be a candidate in the fall for the GLP, but retires from the Parliament.