Science, In 2019, we have seen even in the smallest ozone hole over the south pole, in a long, long time. Now, today, you, according to the observations of the royal meteorological institute is the largest hole in the ozone layer over the arctic ever recorded. The researchers, from the UNIVERSITÉ libre de bruxelles had the hole already mentioned. The two ozongaten have nothing to do with each other, whether they develop by the same process. The ozone hole above the north pole will disappear in the next few weeks, to allow scientists not to worry.

The hole in the ozone layer above the north pole, it was due to the exceptional weather conditions during the past few weeks. According to the researchers from the free university of BRUSSELS, was the ozone layer on the 16th of march with a thirty per cent decreased.

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in The presence of a true ozone hole over the north pole, it is exceptional that such gaps were only available in 1997 and 2011, there was observed approximately once a decade or so, with the current ozone hole is the largest of the three, it seems to be.