The Migros moves: In the past week, you have once again massively in the criticism, because you are far away from the strawberry-season – in Switzerland, all magnificent specimens grow in the summer – strawberries from the South of Spain is imported. The Fruits are about hergekarrt thousands of kilometers.

after the first criticism, the Migros defended himself, while vehemently: To produce the strawberries are fossil-free and in decent conditions for people and the environment. There is this customer need – and that they wanted to offspring.

Many questions

Today, Monday morning, reacted to the orange giant now, and announced in a Communiqué, now with the WWF cooperate: “a Total of 74 measures in the areas of efficient water management, and responsibility be implemented in the handling of plant protection products, biodiversity, soil protection, as well as social working conditions.”

The question is now: Why does the Migros right now? Your retracted the vehement criticism so strong? According to the Communiqué, you have been for ten years a strategic partnership with the WWF. Why launched the commitment to sustainable strawberries so not earlier?

“The project was a long time initiated,” writes a spokeswoman. The measures could not be implemented overnight. “The feedback in the social media and mass media show us, however, that a sustainable use of strawberries to our customers is important.”

‘t flown, but by truck

On Twitter to Protest against the non-seasonal strawberries, the measures will change nothing: Ironically, the Transport is not in one of the 74 sustainability points of Migros.

The Migros spokeswoman noted at this point that the strawberries were not, but by truck, to Switzerland to be transported: “strawberries from Spain to close in the LCA slightly worse than strawberries from Switzerland in the summer. As long as a product is not flown, the Transport only low on the LCA.” (kst)