Examination learned to highlight the unique smell of a man

Due to the new methods introduced in the interior Ministry, began to open up even the crimes of the past, where it seemed to have all the ends have been lost. For example, in July 2014 in Kaluga was raped and murdered 18-year-old girl. Miscreants strangled the victim, and the body was set on fire, hoping the fire will destroy everything that could point to them.

In Russia earned a “hotline” Forensic chamber

suspicion fell on several people. The DNA expert, and there were several, to no avail. Near the crime scene was found a cloth with blood of one of the suspects. But he said, saying that wiping her blood, hurt after falling off a moped. How to prove that he is the same scoundrel, that together with buddies abused girl?

a few years after the Commission of the crime in the interior Ministry there is a new technique. Materials for investigation were forwarded to the relevant olfactory laboratory ekspertno-the criminalistic center of MIA of Russia. The olfactory examination is the examination of olfactory traces.

“On a partially burnt fragment of the noose from the neck of the corpse of the victim identified olfactory traces originating from one of six tested persons, and the cut nail plates with partially burned hands victim – odoriferous traces from two out of six tested persons,- told “RG” one of the founders of olfactory areas in the forensic examination, candidate of legal Sciences, associate Professor of forensic examinations of the Moscow state legal University named after O. E. Kutafin Vasily Starovoitov. – In addition, the bag with traces of blood of the victim identified odoriferous traces of a third person, who participated in the cover-up and burning of the corpse.”

Experts have discovered an amazing property of blood: dries it is able to keep foreign smells

failed to prove that the suspect whose blood was found on the cloth lied to the investigators. His odoriferous traces have been found not only on napkins, but on linen of the victim and also at the nail beds of her hands. In other words, he raped her and she fought back. Nothing else the offender would not be able to leave their scent. In the end, the villains appeared before the court, two of them have received 18 years of imprisonment. The case against a third consideration.

As experts explain, each person has its own unique smell, a unique aroma is due to volatile substances which continuously forms the human body. Unique “smelly code” pervades all human tissue, from blood to bones. Odoriferous traces of each person, in essence, as individual as fingerprints, and its complete genotype. Unlike fingerprints, the smell can’t be erased. This “evidence”, which can be preserved and stored in a cryo-Depositary for hundreds of years. For example, as experts explain, the blood drying retains odoriferous traces contained in the traces of sweat from another person. In other words, the blood of the victim keeps the smell of the killer.

Photo: Alexander Halperin/ RIA Novosti SK has completed the investigation of former associate Professor of St. Petersburg state University, Oleg Sokolov

“Individualizing odorous substances contained in the blood and in the sweat – patagonula substance of man, – explains Vasily Starovoitov. The blood keeps drying these substances for several decades, while perspiration they after some time disappear. Thus, the mixing of sweat and blood of several persons, lead to the fact that the blood of one person – the victim – stores previously introduced odorous substances sweat of another person or persons – criminals, even without their cellular material.”

the examination of olfactory traces appeared in the 60-ies of the last century. A remarkable property of the blood to absorb and retainadopt a strange smell, was discovered by specialists of VNII MVD of Russia in the 80-ies.

“This property currently allows the result set as zapachowy the trail of evidence on the crime and its participants, using the blood of the victim items, even after several decades. According to expert practices, – to 35, and more”, – says the Director of the forensic Institute Moscow state law Academy, doctor of legal Sciences Elena Rossinsky. Recently experts of the Ministry of interior has also seen several important discoveries that improve opportunities sapagovas examination. Experts have learned to distinguish the smells in its pure form by chemical means with the help of special equipment.

“the Quality and adequacy of the obtained samples of olfactory now in control of instrumental thin-layer chromatography,” explains Vasily Starovoitov. In his view, the emergence of a new approach in the practice of expert studies of olfactory traces can without exaggeration be assessed as a new word in the forensic examination. This discovery, something comparable with the creation of fingerprinting and DNA analysis. Smells stand out, cleaned and preserved with the help of new technologies.

a year in the relevant laboratory of the forensic centre of the MIA made more than 70 very difficult examinations

With the introduction of this method of sample preparation has opened new opportunities for the disclosure and investigation of crimes of last years are committed in conditions of non-obviousness. That is, in cases where DNA testing, as a rule, can not give results due to the degradation of cell nuclei contained in the chromosomes.

Here’s one case where we managed to find the culprit by the smell, selected after a long time. In the spring of 2018 in the forest of one of settlements of the Republic of Karelia, was found dead Schoolgirls of elementary grades. The pedophile abused her and killed a knife in his neck. A few metres bastard dragged the child’s body on the ground, holding on to the straps worn by the girl backpack. Through the year in the core labYu ekts Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has been focused on olfactory research jacket, pants and backpack of the victim.

In Moscow detained the coach is a pedophile

“In the course of the examination on the straps of the backpack of the victim, as well as on the sleeves of her jacket and trousers revealed odoriferous traces check for involvement in this incident faces, – said Vasily Starovoytov. The olfactory results of the expert studies have played a key role in deciding the case the Supreme court of the Republic of Karelia, which sentenced the accused to imprisonment for a term of 21 years. Currently, the sentence came into legal force”.

For 2019 in the specialized olfactory laboratory of the forensic centre of the MIA made more than 70 very challenging examinations for many objects. This helped to prove the guilt of a few dozen criminals. As human sensors in the course of such examination are used specially trained dogs-detectors. According to Elena Rossinsky, know-how of Russian methods that the objectivity of the obtained results does not depend on “subjective opinion” or “testimony” of animals. The probability of error – one hundred million.