Ex-wife of writer Eduard Uspensky, Eleonora Filina, said that during the joint life, she repeatedly became the victim of pressure and aggression on his part. She spoke about it in an interview with TV channel “Star” in supporting an open letter to daughters of the assumption from another marriage Tatyana against the institution of a literary award in his honor.

the Owl reminded that unveiled the truth about the family situation after a breakup with the assumption, where he described the tendency of children’s classics to tyranny. According to her, the writer also has used psychological violence against her son had been violent with him and scandals “at every step”.

She also confirmed that Tatiana is indeed a “lifelong suffering” from the brutality of his father. “And for me, without me — me, so to speak. I’ve seen it all and not once with him on this subject said, to say the least,” admitted the ex-wife of the assumption.

the Owl added that he did not want to belittle the talent of the writer, but felt it unfair to name the award in honor of a man who “loved children” and “treated them badly”. She suggested that this decision may cast a shadow on the award itself.

on 26 may, the daughter of the assumption Tatiana called my father a tyrant and spoke about domestic violence. According to her, rude, rudeness, control, and coercion was the norm assumption. In this case, the people he showed the ostensible idyll. In addition, the writer had problems with alcohol, but he refused to refer to specialists. Instead, he supported the cult of Victor Stolbun, though, and knew that there is the practice of beating children. In an open letter the woman asked not to assign the award named children’s classic.

Eduard Uspensky died 14 August 2018. The assumption was revealed a malignant neoplasm.