He is deeply in love! Thomas Kleiber (48) shows for the first time, his man. The emigrated Ex-weatherman living with environmental scientist, David (29) in Canada, and said in an Interview in detail about his great love.

they had Met on the Internet, says Kleiber in the show “blown away” in the series “the SRF Dok” (24. May, 21). David started, then you would have written for a number of weeks regularly. And Cupid’s arrow struck immediately: “We found that we have similar interests,” says Kleiber.

David came in Switzerland, is not happy

After five months, David then in Switzerland. “And since it has sparked extremely,” Kleiber overjoyed. Finally, his sweetheart moved in with him in Switzerland – but never really happy. For two years he had lived in his home – then the homesickness had become too large.

“to Me the life style in Zurich-liked, you can reach everything by bike and public TRANSPORT,” says David. “But my friends were not there, the whole environment has been missing, my family.”

Kleiber: “David’s family is great”

Now, Thomas Kleiber turned the tables and decided to move David to Canada and has lived there despite some initial turbulence. “You leave the place where you know the language, where you know how the country works, know the rules of the game. You all are insecure and vulnerable,” says Kleiber.

Be a man and his family would have him to Settle in, but very relieved. “David’s family is great. In Quebec, nice people live,” says Kleiber. (wyt)