he has presented a little differently: Since almost half a year, Ex-SRF-weather frog Thomas Kleiber (47) lives in his new homeland, Canada, acclimatized there, despite some pitfalls in terms of climate and language quite well.

but the former “Meteo”-the Star beyond the pond on the palm: the paper war! “I have – after over six months of waiting, and 800 francs, no permanent residence permit in Canada cost – still”, enerviert it in his Blog and describes in consequence of the never-ending immigration process.

Complex forms, absurd questions

last August, his canadian husband David (28), and he had begun the forms for the immigration application to be completed. “To be exactly: many forms. In more detail: many saukomplizierte forms. There is still a cross and where there is none, a cross-reference,” he writes.

This would have repeated the questions, and others, “part of the absurd”, had come. The authorities, date of birth and place of residence of his parents and siblings would want to know. “I was tempted to mention the anniversary of the death of our Guinea pig Trudi”, quips Kleiber.

Ironically, he adds: “Much joy” he had in the question of whether he had participated in a genocide. “What answer did you expect?”, the meteorologist asked. “”Not on a regular basis?” Or “Just in a particularly bad mood?””.

danger, to start from zero again

if you lose the Overview, can claim the help of a video, tells the exiled Swiss. There is a lady explain to minutes, that you should all fill out very carefully. “Otherwise – I am sorry – had to send the whole chat back again,” writes Kleiber.

You should also be careful that you use the latest version of the forms before you send anything. “Because it will always be created new, without notice. You had bad luck, at the end of completing a new Version of the Internet, and you must start from the beginning.”

all the same, in The end he wanted to defend his new home a bit. It’s gonna discriminate against no one. “Whether I come from a wealthy, stable country and with a canadian am married or whether I’m coming alone from a civil war country: All go through the same procedure,” he writes. “This idea reconciled me, at least something during my long wait.” (wyt)