Slaven Dujakovic was the first Austrian professional skier with a migration background. Slaven, who? The Ski driver-is a big Super-G-Talent, is Fifth in the Junior world Championships in 2015 and is regarded as a hope for the future. However, the Salzburg festival, the made 14 years ago, the Bosnian citizenship, it remains a great career denied.

“Was never accepted”

On Facebook Dujakovic now the Austrian Association in the pillory. He had been regarded as a professional with a migrant background in the local sport of skiing never, because he has Yugoslav roots. “I was never properly accepted. I often had the feeling that some of the offers, if I’m in a bad risks.”

looking back to the year 2015: Slaven Dujakovic the qualification standards for the Junior world Cup and the start is actually entitled – but he is not nominated. The Salzburg Association for the Dujakovic drives, intervened. After several protests of the Salzburg may compete for Austria at the world Cup. The Only one he gets no official clothes, but a official clothing. He is a strong Fifth – for the award ceremony of the Austrian medial reasons, to get the jacket of a young conductor. “Because I realized, what do you think of me,” writes Dujakovic.

2016 convened for the first Time in the ÖSV B-squad, a year later, he is thrown due to insufficient benefits out of it. 2018 Dujakovic can even win the race, you must pause it because of a nose break but no longer. Nevertheless, he is drivers are still among the best 15 in Super-G. “By the sporting management of the ÖSV, I was informed, however, that, for me, no place in the squad is and that you don’t see me in the future in the team.”

Nations exchange as a way out

In the past year, he sees his last Chance with any Nations exchange to Serbia. However, the dual-citizenship that remains to him, after �wait�about a year, denied. The Justification? The requesting Athlete had performed no extraordinary services for Austria, which would be for the granting of a other citizenship is necessary.

The Austrian Association rejects all of the allegations in a statement. “We very much regret that in the case of Slaven Dujakovic obviously, the impression was created, not in the ASF-to-be family. The was never so …” The squad guidelines had not been met, moreover, most of the time, it means more. Now you want to go with the former athletes, a clarifying discussion.

pity for his story, wants to Dujakovic none. “I just want to be that, in future, people with a migration background be treated the same as others. No matter what your sport is.” (par)