Maria Höfl-Riesch (37) complained on Instagram about the still existing mask requirement on German flights: “Now I was so happy when I read in the newspaper last week: From Monday, May 16th, masks will no longer be compulsory on airplanes ! BUT – nothing there! The Germans do it differently (again)… Despite the falling incidence and low intensive care unit occupancy.”

In addition to her words, Höfl-Riesch posted a photo of herself from the plane with a medical mask on her face. The former skier provided her text with the hashtags “

Despite all the excitement, Höfl-Riesch also wanted to know the opinion of her followers on the subject. And it’s split. Some fans are also against the regulation, arguing, among other things, that it is up to you whether you want to wear a mask. “Finally gone with the mask,” demands a user.

But Höfl-Riesch also faces a lot of headwind. Some users see no problem in wearing a mask on the plane and point out self-protection. “I think I will always wear a mask in the future in such narrow and crowded spaces as crowded planes… I feel safer there,” said one fan. “It’s good if they’re careful. You certainly didn’t fly forever,” says a comment to the ex-ski star.

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