places to visit Actually, the municipality should inform Websites about upcoming events and local politics, promotion and access to key contacts guarantee. In short: the location in The best light. Not so in Ittenthal AG: On the official Website of the village of lungern instead, lascivious offers.

So it says on the front page: “woman seeking man for sex in thusis.” In addition, the image of a black-haired woman with glasses. Below is: “woman seeking man in wetzikon. Wetzikon New Horny perverted Girl in Private.” Or: “Dating Runding in Cham, Oberpfalz whores, Amateur whores and hookers in the brothels, and night clubs.”

page on the auction platform,

auctioned off, the Website is Decorated with photos of women of different ages. Some are Nude, the images seem to be from the Internet stolen. Overall, the site looks very messy. The content and sentences don’t always make sense. Spelling and grammar are abysmal.

used to is the official Website of the municipality. As Ittenthal in 2009, merged with Kaisten AG, was abandoned. From then on, the Domain showed up on a auction platform, such as the “Switzerland reported on the weekend”.

Until last year. A stranger bought the site at the time, or hacked. According to the newspaper, that is the owner in Germany. More precisely, Westphalia, in the 9000 inhabitants of the municipality of snakes in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Kaisten looking for solutions

In Kaisten, the sensitive offers provide, meanwhile, a shake of the head. Town clerk Manuel Corpataux says to the newspaper: “We will now consider what measures and steps can be taken against it.” Any further questions he would not answer.

To protect against exactly this mischief, the former municipality of Sulz kept after the merger your Website. Who today is typing in the search bar, is on the side of the municipality of Laufenburg AG diverted. Town clerk Marco Waser: “It is useful to protect sensitive Domains from abuse.” In the case of Ittenthal this advice comes too late. (hah)