Without the court decision would have ended his detention on Sunday. Ghosn had been taken in the past week. He is accused of, to have a Nissan over a period of two and a half years and five million dollars damage. He is said to have personally enriched.

Until the beginning of March, Ghosn was after over 100 days on bail from detention on remand. In this case, financial failure behaviour in the case of Nissan. Also, he should have his income is not properly and completely specified. The once highly respected Top Manager of the French-Japanese Auto Alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, a multi-year prison penalty in Japan.

On Thursday had complained to the lawyers Ghosns in the Reuters news Agency, present the documents, that the Prosecutor wanted to by the recent arrest of the preparation of the defense for a break in a confession should be enforced. In addition, this step was “inhuman”, since the treatment of Ghosn chronic kidney disease is interrupted.

the documents also allegations of Ghosns wife Carole. She had several times been searched, had to leave the bathroom door open when she went to the toilet and a female investigator was in the room when you took a shower. She had felt humiliated. (SDA)