Soccer pro Lukas Podolski lost his composure at a charity tournament in Gummersbach. In the semifinals he went to the referee after a foul game. The sent him from the place. But that wasn’t enough for Poldi.

Unpleasant ticker by Lukas Podolski at the indoor tournament in Gummersbach: At the “Schauinsland Reisen Cup” on Sunday, donations were supposed to be collected for a good cause. Patron of the event: Lukas Podolski. But of all people, the ex-national player in the service of the Polish club Gornik Zabrze caused a scandal.

In the semi-final against Rot-Weiss Essen, Podolski fouled a player in the penalty area. The referee whistled and wanted to punish the ex-national hero. Poldi swung himself up, angrily built up in front of the referee. His exact words could not be understood. But the referee immediately sent Podolski off the field with a red card.

The 37-year-old left the pitch pissed off and poured water onto the pitch. And that’s not all. Because after the game, patron Podolski appeared again at the referee’s. This time Poldi had to be reassured by others.

The scene caused an uproar on Twitter: “Boy, how broken is Lukas Podolski, please, fly off the field at his own charity tournament,” writes one user. After all, despite the scene, plenty of money was raised for a good cause. Almost two million euros could be collected.”