As some of you will be surprised: tonight, André Reith book (32) is back on the screen. In the show “Wonderland special” (today, SRF 1, 20.05 PM) shows the Ex-Mister Switzerland, the Alps, the world has become more important than the catwalk. In his home region, the Canton of Glarus, he receives a TV darling Nik Hartmann (46), and moves with him to Klaus Platz. “We had a lot of Fun up there. We slept in a bivouac, which we had built ourselves,” revealed the exactly ten years ago, Mister crowned Beau. Laughing, he adds: “Nik snores clearly louder than I can.”

Soon, he is a certified mountain guide

In the life of the beautiful Glarners, much has happened: His girlfriend Johanna (30), who works as a teacher, gave him in the summer of 2017 daughter Serafina. With her, he likes to go Hiking – the Small is still sitting in the backpack. Three years ago, trained as a carpenter also founded a business of your own. “And now I am Aspirant mountain guide. Hopefully soon I will be able to climbers in the most beautiful Glarus summit lead.”

He now reads books

At the time, as he still stood in the lightning, has Reith book, only beautiful memories. “I’m calmer now. In retrospect, the year was Mister Switzerland in a good school of life,” he says. The headlines of the time, that he suffers from a writing and reading disabilities, no longer is he talking about like. “I’ve been working on this and reading today, even books – especially about Climbing,” he says.

For Nik Hartmann the stage with the Glarner was a great experience. “A lovable guy. With him, I would climb each of Hoger.” With a grin he adds: “He was the first Mister of Switzerland, who spent with me the night.”