Fatimih Davila Sosa was only 31 years old: The beauty Queen from South America, was found on Thursday, lifeless in the bathroom of your hotel room in Mexico city. The former Miss Uruguay, according to “The Sun” just a few days before her death on 23. April traveled for an interview to Mexico. A well-Known you’ve helped the Hotel to set up.

she Was lured under a false promise to Mexico?

According to media reports, an emergency call to the police was early in the morning. The investigation should show whether it is the death of the 31-Year-old to suicide or even murder: How the newspaper “El Universal” reported, check the authorities the possibility of Fatimih Davila Sosa was the victim of an international prostitution ring. The assumption: Sosa may have been lured under false promises into Mexico.

In the 2012 book “Dreams Broken” about the Sex-trade was the beauty Queen cited according to the “New York Post”. In a 2011 secretly recorded conversation with her alleged pimp, Jose Miguel Acosta Sosa spoke about her work as an Escort. She did not talk about whether there are other ways to be known.

“Before you got into the international prostitution ring, she was studying to be a shy girl with the dream to”, it is described in the book. “Only five years later, the young woman who dreamed of conquering the world has left their professional goals. She now speaks about the nationality of the clients with whom she sleeps.”

Fatimih Davila Sosa was crowned 2006 Miss Uruguay and took part two years later in the Miss World. Up to her death, she should have as a Model worked. (kad)

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