Bali is actually a dream for every Influencer. Many photo scenes to pose in front of it. A warm climate, so you have to take off his swimsuit never. And numerous like-Minded people who are also on the hunt for as many Likes. But for Tegan Martin has dreams out. The Ex-Miss-Universe-Australia is stuck namely currently at the airport in Denpasar.

The reason for this appears on first glance to be absurd. Your passport was wet once, the top right of the Federal is a small water stain is to be seen. Reason enough for the Balinese authorities not to allow Martin to your flight. “Is this happens to anyone”, begs the Influencerin your 117’000 Followers for help.

the flight ban for “damaged passports,”

Since the beginning of the year, the airport employees proceed rigorously against “damaged” passports. The Problem is: According to the “Sun” is not set in any law, what exactly is a “damaged” passport. It is important, according to the newspaper, that no pages are missing and all the information, good readers were. As Martin’s case shows, but can also lead to minor damage to problems.

“I’ll probably be a longer time in Bali, as planned,” sighs the Model in a Instagram-Video-Update. How and when you will return, and this was not. (klm)