Laetitia Guarino (26) has earned a couple of sweet days in the sun more than. As a young Doctor pushes you more often on the night shift – Miss Switzerland 2014 is arrived in your dream job. Six months of the newly qualified Doctor working in the emergency station of the Unispitals Lausanne, since may, in new castle, in the operating room. “So soon after the studies these changes are normal, so I can gain experience.”

a family visit in southern Italy

the more the West Swiss enjoys now, the Dolce farniente along with her friend Stefano Iodice (28). In Italy, she visited the relatives. With her father Antonio, who is originally from Naples (I), and their mother Régula were. “I have a big family, with the I in the Region of Lecce, my holiday spend. The time with them means a lot to me.” She was especially pleased with her little nephew: “He has bathed for the first Time his feet in the sea, it was just one of many beautiful moments.”

children’s play in private and professional life a role

One day, would like to Laetitia have children and a successful Doctor be: “This might sound a little cheesy, but I’m well on the way.” What you want to specialize later, is yet to be decided. Guarino, who has already been involved in the Miss-year social, is now the Swiss Red cross as an Ambassador in the use. Special interest has to the surgery and the work with children – what could deepen during the medical studies on children’s surgery at the Inselspital Bern. It inserts, which can also be stressful: “It’s always a matter of life and death.”

marriage is in the stars

when Guarino of the dream of an own family starts, still stands in the stars. First of all, the career, and a wedding is coming. In Stefano the Ex-Miss Switzerland is in love, even after eight years. Remember the time as a beauty Queen changed nothing, many Miss have separated in your year in office. Lovingly Guarino hugs to your sweetheart: “We still have a lot to look forward to.”