By the children’s film “the Mighty Ducks – The super team” was Shaun White (40) famous. Today succeed only Negative headlines. In November, the former child star was arrested for shoplifting. The TMZ reported. White is said to have stolen Goods worth less than 200 francs. Now he has the responsibility to “petty theft and violation of probation duty”. Prior to that, he was, according to the Portal due to drug abuse in a treatment center.

theft, drug abuse, imprisonment

When Shaun White celebrated with “the Mighty Ducks”, he was only 14 years old. Later, he was mainly seen in the series, was able to gain a foothold in the world of the film, but never really walk, and made in the last few years, hardly more. At least not as an actor.

Recently the Ex-teen Star was arrested in July 2017 for shoplifting in a local electronics store. Then it went to a goods value of 150 francs. White had to serve a 150-day jail sentence. His Manager, Don Gibble told Us Weekly that the actor planned to get his life back together.

“He’s hoping to stay sober when he comes out of prison,” said the Manager. In addition, Weiss wanted to write a script about his life, while he was in prison for sass. However, only a few days after his release, he was arrested again because of drug abuse. (euc)