A former lawyer, U.S. President Donald trump, Michael Cohen, was sentenced to three years of imprisonment, has again taken into custody after he was sent from prison to house arrest because of the threat of the spread of the novel coronavirus. This was reported Thursday by Reuters.

The sentence of the priest in a Federal prison in Otisville (state of new York) will expire in November 2021. Due to the risk of infection coronavirus infection former lawyer in may sent under house arrest. Now, Cohen decided to return to prison.

In early April, U.S. attorney General William Barr instructed the Federal Bureau of prisons to transfer prisoners from prison under house arrest because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

Cohen in December 2018 was sentenced to three years in prison for several crimes, including tax evasion, violation of the rules of campaign Finance, frauds in the banking sector and providing false information to financial institutions in the USA. Violation of the rules of financing resulted in the misuse of funds allocated for the election campaign. Part of them was paid for the silence of the two women, who claimed that trump in the past to join with them in marriage.